Collecting History of Replica Rolex Wrist Watches Series

Rolex replica watches,a replica watches brand who is legendary and famous for its accurate and durable quality.Iv heard that people will choose Rolex no matter he knows watch or not.It also illustrates Rolex success.Today,we will bring you a list of developing history.

Replica Rolex Oyster
Rolex was established in England in 1908 by Hans Wilsdof from Germany,the companies’ predecessor was Wilsdorf and Davis(W&D) managed by English man Davis and him.Rolex is a famous Swiss brand.According to legend,in the period of Quartz storm,Swiss government protected two watch brands,one was Patek Philippe,and another was Rolex.Legend of the Rolex for now has some Swiss government background.All equity is held by Wells’s foundation which was established by Hans Wilsdof the originator of Rolex after his wife’s death to ensure that the company to remain independent to avoid being took over by competitor or be a public company.However,it is said that Schweizerische National Bank holds the foundation’s stock.

We have to mention the unique Oyster case watch when comes to Rolex.The oyster case created an important milestone at the present times,it was created in 1926 mainly takes Screw-plug outer ring system,The back and middle case all take screw-plug to greatly increased the capacity on water proof.The minimum waterproof standard is 100 meters.The back case takes screw as design,the Unique triangular groove was originated from Replica Rolex Oyster watches in 1926.Only watch maker accredited by Rolex could device it by proper tools.

Swiss Replica Rolex Oyster
It must has certain evidence to prove the replica Rolex watches us is water resistant.In 1927,the young English woman Mercedes Gleitze wore the watch successfully cross the English channel.After swimming for over than 10 hours,she arrived at the terminal.The watch worked well and ran as usual.