Diving Replica Watches Reviews of Rolex Replica Submariner Without Calendar

It is no need to say more about how popular the Replica Rolex Submariner in China,among the various kinds of versions,the well-known Submariner must be the top kind.The Swiss replica watches which released in 1953 was the world’s first water proof as deep as 100meters.After that,by brand patent,the trip-lock winding crown made the water resistent as deep as 300meters.It is indispensable tool for divers in the ocean while it is also a sports replica watches for those people who wear elegence.Today,we will show you this version which is the cheapest introductory of the submariner series.Official model:114060-97200.It is the cheapest kind of submariner which will be the first choice for the newbie.

replica-rolex-submariner-black-dialIt made with iconic Oyster case,mercedes needle,as thick as 12.5mm,300meters water proof.It takes Rolex proper 904L stainless steel as case,matches with black dial,black Cerachrom bezel and platinum coating numbers,all these make it fashional but solemn.

Here,I must mention you guys about Rolex’s Cerachrom bezel whose most advantage is antifraying,what’s more,it is very shine and looks luxury.Cerachrom bezel was released in 2005,to make the ceramic bezel more perfect,Rolex took great pains,firstly,they had to heat the ceramic up to 1500 degrees to make it hardened and purified.Then carving the required digital contour on the ceramic which the hardness could complete with diamond takes about 40 hours.
The crown which takes trip-lock winding is as rolex’s proper triple waterproofing system for fake Rolex Submariner watches.The crown was released for the first time in 1970,By a lot of technical innovation,the trip-lock device was made of 10 different groups of parts,it only needed to be screwed to make the oyster case completely closed which could complete with submarine hatch.

rolex submariner replica watchesThe chain takes classical oyster band,triplex rows of links with 904L stainless steel which is equipped with high corrosion features,it is widely used in high-tech aerospace and chemical industry,extremely strong and durable.
Conclusion: The series of submariner could be the most popular type in recent years,the price keeps going up.But this kind of version without calendar is relatively cheap,if your budget is limitted and do  not mind about the calendar,it will be the best choice.At present,the quotation of this Rolex replica watches is 61,500CNY.