Rolex Replica Submariner Watches customized by Tempus Machina

Tempus Machina takes a modern Rolex Replica Submariner Ref. 114060 and re-makes the exterior to look like a Submariner Ref. 6538 Big Crown, while leaving the modern Rolex replica watches caliber 3130 movement inside, untouched.

Replica Rolex Submariner

The 6538 was made famous when Sean Connery wore it in James Bond. And now, the circa 1958 timepiece, is among the most collectible Rolexes there is. Today, Rolex makes the Submariner Ref. 114060, which is a represents the continuous evolution of the 6538. However, many collectors still want the old look, and so that is why Tempus Machina decided to produce this model.

Temps Machina has taken the Rolex Replica Submariner Watches dial and stripped and polished it, along the addition of 18K gold hands and transfers, to give it the vintage gilt look.

Further, the original 114060 bezel was re-profiled to create its unique “coin-edge” teeth. A Cerachrom (ceramic) insert with porcelain-enameled red triangle has been produced to replicate the appearance of the 6538. An anti-reflective sapphire, in a custom high dome shape has been used, which has a look similar to the original domed plexiglass.

To complete the aesthetic, Tempus Machina used an 8 mm vintage Replica Rolex Explorer crown, removed the crown guards, and thinner re-profiled edges, with original bevels and pierced lugs.

Replica Rolex Submariner watches

What sets the Submariner Ref. 216A apart from other customized Rolex replica Submariners, such as this blacked out top replica Rolex watches version, is that it’s not about making something different, instead it tries to accurately pay homage to the past – and does a very good job at that. Limited to 50 timepieces. Retail price is $25,000.