Why The Luxury Fake Rolex GMT-Master II 16713 “Root Beer” Is Better Than The 126711CHNR “Cough Syrup”

Today’s model is a Swiss fake Rolex. My wife has lived her whole life in Japan. Yes, it’s the “Land of the Rising Sun.” But it’s also the “Land of Stinky Fermented Soy Beans and Fish Prostate Sushi.” They are things that typical Japanese adults don’t think twice about consuming, very much like typical Americans don’t think twice about guzzling root beer. But for those not prepared for the (apparently) jarring flavor, it’s an utter shock to the system. Upon tasting the root beer candy I brought back to Japan, my Japanese co-workers echoed my wife’s sentiments. It tasted like cough syrup! And when best replica Rolex released the current 126711CHNR “Root Beer,” I felt exactly the same way.

The old Root Beer was perfection incarnate
The two-tone 1:1 fake Rolex GMT-Master II 16713 “Root Beer” has long been my favorite GMT-Master. While the all-stainless 16710 “Pepsi” is a beautiful and more practical choice for everyday wear, I’m at the point in my watch journey where I don’t much care if a watch fits my everyday life or not. At this point, I’ve covered the bases for a reliable “daily driver” with my beloved Submariner 114060. All I desire going forward are luxury replica watches that make my heart race.

All I “need” for the collection are pieces that give me the thrill I experienced in the early days of “watch life” when everything was new, exciting, and packed with emotion. The AAA quality replica Rolex 16713 pre-ceramic Root Beer is that kind of watch. With its fiery brown sunburst dial, glimmering metallic brown-and gold bezel, and flashy two-tone bracelet, it packs a punch that could crumple the mighty Chuck Norris himself.

The K-serial references from 2001, such as the one pictured here, were an absolutely perfect blend of modern and vintage flavors. They featured the Swiss made copy Rolex 3185 movement inside. Introduced in 1989, this caliber was a champion of its day. With a 28,800vph frequency, full balance bridge, Kif shock protection, variable-inertia Microstella balance, 50-hour power reserve, and an independently adjustable jumping hour hand, it was a true GMT movement and a hearty backbone for the top Swiss fake Rolex GMT-Master II Root Beer.

These 2001 models also had some practical modern upgrades, like solid-end-link bracelets and Super-LumiNova hands and indices. Yet, they still retained the lug holes of the past for easier bracelet removal and a vintage aesthetic many appreciate today. But cheap copy Rolex discontinued the 16713 in 2006. We all knew that if the Root Beer made a return, it would not be as it once was.